Pressed Flower Alphabet Poster - Pretty Snippets Kids Toys & Accessories
Pressed Flower Alphabet Poster - Pretty Snippets Kids Toys & Accessories


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MR Studio London

Pressed Flower Alphabet Poster

This gorgeous print, by MR Studio London, comes from their original pressed flower letter designs. All flowers and leaves have been carefully picked, pressed and arranged to create this whimsical and intricate piece. 

Produced using offset litho, these prints have a beautifully soft and matt quality to the image and are printed on sustainably produced uncoated paper.

This print fits into a standard, ready made A2 frame, or can be hung using our large oak hanger. 

Dimensions: 42cm x 59.4cm (A2)

About MR Studio London:

MR Studio London is a partnership between Mika Pollard and Rika Yamasaki. Their work comes from closely watching and interacting with nature, as it subtly changes and grows in the area around their home. Selecting and rearranging elements of flowers/foliage that they find, playing with scale and combinations. They love finding inspiration in unexpected places, like flowers growing out of crumbling walls...turning something that would have been overlooked, into a beautiful creation that can be kept and cherished. 

All the flowers and foliage that feature in their work are from their own, home-grown mostly organic garden & a big forest near their home, carefully selecting only a small amount ensuring no harm to the surrounding environment.